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Carl Palm

Back Bone (LSD)


Back Bone


Carl Palm solo exhibition


Diesel project space is delighted to re-open and to present 'Back Bone' a solo exhibition of Carl Palm.


Exhibition 25.11.2017

Opening 25.11.2017, 2 - 6 pm








Magical Wand and Granular Cloud


Wednesday 16th August 2017, 5 - 10 pm



AIR Antwerpen invited Liège based Diesel Project Space for a presentation in the Living Room.

'Magical Wand and Granular Cloud' is a new chapter in the research visual artist Xavier Mary and artist/curator Noëmi Merca do around the notion of granular synthesis and magical realism.



Arnaud Eubelen

The Garden Ceremony

Alex Morrison

André Piguet

Benny Van den Meulengracht-Vrancx





Xo of excess


Friday December 9th 2016, 4 - 9pm


'Xo of excess', is a special 'Day/Night Rave' curated by Diesel project space @ Exo Exo




Early Holography


Hasar de Doria


Artworks & set-up by MX & ssaliva


A Last Song for the Titanic Orchestra


Saturday 19th November, 2016 (4-9 pm)


In the frame of the invitation of Brussels-based artist Aline Bouvy for the "Billboard Series", Thomas Caron and artlead invite Diesel project space to curate a one day event/exhibition in the adjacent space "019".





Aline Bouvy

Florence Giroud

Eva L’Hoest

Xavier Mary & Loup Sarion

Béla Pablo Janssen

Thomas Zipp


In addition to the exhibition, there will be a serie of reading & music performances during the event.


Alberto Garcia de Castillo (poetry reading)

Milan W. (live)

Orrorin Daydream (live)



Late Bush: Pumice Pubes


Music video directed by Aline Bouvy and Pierre Dozin


Saturday September 17th 2016 (6-10 pm) with live performances :


Late Bush Live & Music Video Projection


Additional Acts:

Bioxyd (PuZZling rec, L-K-Tro) (dj set)

ssaliva (Ekster) (live)

+ Guests



Peeks of Present Sheets of Past


Alexis Lagimodière-Grisé solo exhibition curated by AIR Antwerpen


Opening August 21st (2-9pm) with live performances:


Opening 28.04.2016 / 2-8 pm

Exhibition is open until 14.05.2016 / by appointment


a c c o u (live)

Carrageenan (live)

Cepren Synth (live)

Fyoelk (live)

Hydra & Nyx (live/dj set)

Jante Alliage (dj set)

Naej & Erreip (dj set)

ssaliva (dj set)


Exhibition is open until August 25th / only by appointment



2nd part of this show:

AIR Tailor Made: Alexis Lagimodière-Grisé 'Peeks of Present Sheet of Past'


Opening Thursday 25 August, 7pm

AIR Antwerpen,

Kielsevest 23,

2018 Antwerp




I spell it Nature


Antoine Renards solo exhibition


Exhibition 28.04 - 14.05.2016


Opening 28.04.2016 / 2-8 pm

Exhibition is open until 14.05.2016 / by appointment


30.04.2016 / 2-10 pm performances by



Hugo Freegow






Aline Bouvy

Mathis Collins

Julien Goniche

Jacques Lizène

Anna Solal

Cleo Totti


Exhibition 25.3.16 - 27.3.2016 / 2-6 pm


Opening 26.03.16 / 2-10 pm


With live performances by

Late Bush

Les Anges Noir de l'Utopie

Orrorin Daydream