Peeks of Present Sheets of Past


Alexis Lagimodière-Grisé solo exhibition curated by AIR Antwerpen


Opening August 21st (2-9pm) with live performances:


Opening 28.04.2016 / 2-8 pm

Exhibition is open until 14.05.2016 / by appointment


a c c o u (live)

Carrageenan (live)

Cepren Synth (live)

Fyoelk (live)

Hydra & Nyx (live/dj set)

Jante Alliage (dj set)

Naej & Erreip (dj set)

ssaliva (dj set)


Exhibition is open until August 25th / only by appointment



2nd part of this show:

AIR Tailor Made: Alexis Lagimodière-Grisé 'Peeks of Present Sheet of Past'


Opening Thursday 25 August, 7pm

AIR Antwerpen,

Kielsevest 23,

2018 Antwerp